World Record Disappointment

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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Head in Hands


I remember when I was a kid spending hours reading Guinness Book of World Records.  I was inspired by the people who achieved greatness through ability and practice, reaching the pinnacle as the world’s greatest.  Sadly, the only time I hear about Guinness any more is when they’re in town to certify a world record as a huge crowd of people does something simple and silly to get into the book.  I think this is an indication of how our civilization has evolved — rugged individuals to a lazy flock of sheep.  Why work hard toward a goal when you can carry a guitar into a stadium and strum the strings when an Elvis song is playing on the loudspeakers?  I can understand feeling good about being in the crowd, screaming when the Guinness folks certified the stadium as the loudest stadium in the world — maybe that’s just it — in the past, there were winners and losers.  Winners feel good; losers feel bad.  Nowadays it’s important everyone feels good about themselves, about everything.

I don’t feel good about myself about everything.  I’m good at some things, but obviously not the best, since I’m not in the record book.  And I’m bad at some things.  I take pride in doing things well when I can, and I feel bad when I fail.  Guess I’m old-school about that.  You are always better than someone else at doing something, but there is always someone better than you.  The idea everyone needs to feel good about themselves all the time disappoints me, because I think it leads to losing touch with reality, to a false sense of entitlement.

Take this blog for example — it’s a masterpiece!  But there are better blogs.  😉


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