Long Week/Going Away Party

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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Last week, I landed in Detroit.  I worked there for two days, then moved to Owosso, then Kalamazoo.  Then, in a move that occurs often, the decision was made by my supervisor to take me away from Michigan and send me to Illinois for the rest of my work rotation.  I first worked in Wheaton, then St. Charles, and finally Chicago.  I’m spending my last night of this trip at a hotel near O’Hare airport.

I’ve worked in these areas before.  Last time I was in Detroit, it was the middle of winter, and it was snowing.  It was snowing last time I was in Kalamazoo.  i don’t remember what the weather was like the last time I was in Chicago, but I have been here in the winter several times.  I’m glad the weather’s been a little warmer on this trip.

Since July, I’ve spent so many nights on the road, after this trip, I should reach the top level of my rewards program.  Normally I would need to spend plenty more nights in my club’s hotels, but they give you a break on the number of nights needed if you stay at five of their hotel chains.  Before this trip, I’d only stayed at three.  This trip, I stayed at the other two.  The next time I go on the road, I should be at the top level.  One good thing about reaching the top tier is it’s easier to maintain that level with fewer stays.  Why do I care about being in the top tier?  Now I can reserve the cheaper rooms at hotels and get free upgrades to the nicer rooms, and I get more points as a reward for each night’s stay.  I love points!  I pay for my rooms while on vacation, using points.  The more I have, the more free nights.  Right now, I have enough points for 3 to 5 nights, but by the time I’ll be taking my next vacation, I could have up to two weeks’ worth of points.

This is when I get excited, and begin to think about all the places I’d like to go.  Before my money ran out, last spring, I’d wanted to bring my daughter here to Chicago.  Had to cancel those plans.  Maybe this spring….

In a way, I’m glad I’m here in Chicago the night before going home.  Guaranteed direct flights home — no layovers.  I’m hoping to get back home in the afternoon, so I can attend the going-away party for the guy who trained me when I started with the company nine years ago.  I went on the road with him on my very first rotation.  He was the senior guy and showed me how to maintain my company’s robots, and showed me how to take care of all the paperwork we had to fill out.  Later, he became a technical trainer, and I went to a few of his classes and watched a few of his training videos.  Well, he’s decided to move on after ten years with the company, and I’d like to help see him off and show my appreciation.



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