Bad Juju

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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bad juju

1st rotation — left favorite hat at restaurant in Iowa.

2nd rotation — left company ID badge in Houston rental car, and GPS unit in Denver rental car.  Both lost forever.

3rd rotation — left wi-fi hotspot in a West Virginia pharmacy.  Had to go back the next day to retrieve it.

4th rotation — finished maintenance at a site, but then falsely blamed by customer for injuries sustained operating our equipment, this week.

5th rotation — missed a school zone speed limit sign and got my first speeding ticket, ever.

6th rotation — returned Denver rental car.  Learned front bumper was damaged, though a few minutes earlier it seemed fine when I filled the tank with gas.  The damage had to have been incurred before I rented the car, but was noticed only when I returned it.  Gonna get stuck paying for repair.

7th rotation — went OK.  So far, bad juju hasn’t become clear.  It’s sneaky….

Good juju:  Miraculously, favorite hat was still at Iowa restaurant after 3 months.  When I stopped there again for lunch yesterday, got the hat back!  Luckily, log files on the equipment from rotation 4 proved false accuser wrong.


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