Strange Day

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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So, it started raining hard just before I got to the airport.  Good thing I’d decided to use my hard case instead of the soft duffel bag for my clothes.

I was taking my usual nap on the flight to Denver, when the flight attendant’s voice woke me asking if there were a medical representative on board the plane to go to a certain row back behind me.  I opened my eyes to see all the folks in front of me craning their necks to see what was going on.  Never one to follow the crowd, I kept my eyes straight ahead.

Not much later, the plane hit some turbulence, and a woman walking down the aisle tripped and fell on me.

Apparently, the medical emergency on the plane had been taken care of, because when the plane landed, everyone got up out of their seats and filed out as usual.  As I walked off the ramp into the airport terminal, I saw a man fall over while he was walking.  I was about to go over to help, but someone else had seen the same thing and asked if he were OK.  He said yes, and feeling slightly embarrassed, wouldn’t let anyone help him up.

Found Denver in a state of panic after getting the rental car.  They’d had some rain overnight and were experiencing flash floods.  Water was ponding everywhere.  Luckily, I was able to get to the Interstate using roads that were only slightly pooling.  The rain was coming down hard for some time, but I finally drove out of it.  Remembered the last time I was in Colorado, unusually hard rains caused flooding then, too.

In Wyoming, I passed a sign saying “Wreck Ahead”, and pulled into the left-hand lane to steer clear of flashing lights ahead on the right shoulder.  There wasn’t exactly a wreck when I drove by, but a semi that had been gutted by fire, which spread to the trailer it had been pulling.  Remembered the last time I was in Wyoming, driving by flashing lights around an RV which had flipped over into a ditch.  It was raining that time, too.

And it seems I can’t escape the company of a fly.  Everywhere I’ve been today, there’s been a fly in the room that won’t leave me alone.  Wish I had carried a fly swatter with me….



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