Have I Ever Mentioned I Love Old Maps and Charts?

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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I think in a former life (lol) I was an explorer — I’ve always been fascinated by old maps and charts.  I remember poring over maps when in Boy Scouts, gladly making chart corrections when in the Navy, messing with my GPS unit by taking little excursions away from its laid-out routes for me to get from point A to point B.  In case you haven’t got the idea yet by reading this blog, I love to travel.  I love visiting new places.  If I were a younger man, I think I would be a volunteer for the Mars One project.  I would, I would gladly go on that one-way mission and spend the rest of my days exploring that new world.

But, since space travel is out of the picture for me, I’m content to explore this world while I work.

I haven’t written for a few weeks — I’ve finished up two more rotations in the field.  After my Houston/Colorado trip, I spend time in the tri-state area of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky.  All six sites where I worked were new to me, I think.  I didn’t take any pictures that trip.  I got to mess around with my new GPS unit, and discovered it constantly displayed elevation.  So there I was, in the middle of the Appalachian mountains, and the elevation was only about 1000 feet above sea level.  That surprised me very much, because I think the elevation in Kansas is about 2000 feet — I’ll have to pull out the GPS and use it here, just to verify that.  How could mountains be lower than the Great Plains?

Then I came home.  During my off-time, I had to drive out to Fort Riley to complete some paperwork, and got my first speeding ticket on the way back home.  That’s right, my FIRST speeding ticket ever.  I was driving the reckless speed of 36 miles per hour.  All the time I’ve spent driving around the world, and I was snared in a speed trap in my own neck of the woods.  I missed a sign that dropped the speed limit from 40 to 20, and got nabbed.  $200 fine.  Tonganoxie, Kansas will never see future tourism dollars of mine.

Then, the next trip started.  I flew into San Diego for my first job, drove up to the southwest side of the Los Angeles metro, back to San Diego, and ending up back in LA.  I spent most of the trip near sea level (actually discovering the area around the San Diego airport is below sea level — good thing there wasn’t a tsunami while I was in boot camp next to the airport), but on one job, I noticed my ears popped, and saw the hill I was driving up was over 1000 feet.  In Kentucky and West Virginia, mountains.  In LA, a hill.  I found I’d also been to two sites on previous trips.

And then I came home.  I decided to take my first picture in a month, of my favorite place in the whole wide world, my comfy chair.

My Comfy Chair


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