Pacific, Hell! — A Review of Pacific Rim

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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Sometimes it pays to keep checking for freebies.  I’ve tried for the last couple of weeks, to get free passes to an advance screening of Pacific Rim.  Yesterday around 4:30, I received word from one of my usual sources, I could get some passes for a 7pm screening.  I acted quickly enough this time, unlike my three previous attempts to get passes.

I didn’t really know what to expect from the movie other than humans build big robots to fight big invading aliens.  I figured there’d be good fight scenes….

The movie reminded my of Space Troopers in that the movie’s story begins years into the epic war between the humans in aliens, so the main character narrates the scenes before the opening credits, catching us up to the movie’s present, which is just a few years from now.  Almost immediately, we’re thrown into the middle of a battle.  I saw the movie in a big-screen format, so I felt like I was RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE!  I felt myself twitching and dodging in my seat, as if I were throwing the punches.  Now, it escapes me why the humans decided to build big robots instead of using the weapons we already have, since the robots really didn’t seem to have especially unusual weapons, themselves.  I’m sure that was explained, but I missed the explanation.

Then, the movie reminded me of The Matrix because the good guys fought by slipping into a shared consciousness with each other and the bad guys, and the home base and equipment were grungy.  Also, many of the ninja-fighting robot pilots had some sort of relationship between them.

Then, the movie reminded me of Independence Day, what with the invading aliens intent on colonizing earth and destroying all humans, and the way the humans decide to take the fight to the aliens.

Then, the movie reminded me of The Fifth Element in some spots.

Then, the movie reminded me of Scott Pilgrim VS the World, in that many scenes in this movie struck me as a live-action video game.

Then, I was reminded of Twelve Monkeys, because of the wacky scientists, who were the comic relief.  By the way, Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was one of the wacky scientists.  I really enjoyed his performance.

And, the movie reminded me of the old Japanese disaster/monster flicks I used to watch when I was a kid.  That impression was reinforced by the fact the monsters had Japanese names and the good guys were giant karate-champion robots.  In addition, the interaction between subordinate characters and their masters reminded me of Sumarai movies.

So, what I’m trying to say is this movie seemed very familiar.  The script wasn’t very original….

But OMG!  The fight scenes between the robots and aliens were awesome!  When I realized I was dodging blows and wriggling in my seat, I tried controlling my arms and legs and found I started clinching my teeth instead.  I figure the movie would be worth buying a ticket just because of the action and special effects.  Don’t go to this movie expecting enlightenment — go expecting an adrenaline rush.  This movie is anything but pacific.


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