Posted: July 8, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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I posted this in the first edition of my blog, Roam if U Want 2.  I took exception to the message, as did the person who created the picture, I think.  I feel everyone should question everything the government does, since the government is supposed to be working for us.  I’ve mentioned to some friends that if any casual observer read my blog or listened to some of my conversations, they would think I was anti-patriotic.

On the contrary — People who know me well know I’ve spent most of my life in and around the military, and I’m very proud to have been a small part of this country’s defense organization.  I admire folks who serve and genuinely love the country.  What I don’t like are what I perceive as phony patriotism and jingoism used to manipulate the general public’s perception of the world.  The latest example to spin me up are the stories about how the poor military bases can’t have their fireworks displays because of the sequester cuts.  In my opinion, these bases shouldn’t have fireworks displays.  The people working on the bases live in cities surrounding the bases, each city having its own display.  Why should the bases be spending their money on something their people can already see where they live?  But, some people are single and live on base, you may say — I was single when I lived on base, and still managed to get to off-base fireworks displays.

It spins me up when the news portrays the military as poor unfortunates who are unable to get by in the world the same way civilians have to.  They have turned the military into the biggest charity in the country.  But, don’t say anything about what’s going on, because you might sound un-patriotic.  If you don’t feel sorry for our fighting men and women, then you aren’t a good American.  If you don’t like every pro-military post on Facebook, then you aren’t a good American.  (If you don’t like every in-your-face pro-Jesus post, you aren’t a good Christian — but THAT’s a whole different blog post.)

In times past, the people in the military were a proud bunch, and felt honored to have the opportunity to serve the country the way we did.  We felt good about our lot in life.  I’ll bet it’s still the same way today.  But not if you watch the news.  In spite of laws that have been in place for years, giving the military special benefits civilians can’t get, we’re expected to believe every soldier and sailor now needs to be on welfare and is emotionally unable to handle his or her daily problems.  It’s sad to see the way politicians and the news have pressed the victim mentality onto a proud organization.

OK, I’ll get off my soap box now.  Until next time….


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