This Is the Big Bang Spinal Tap Theory

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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A coworker has lent me her DVDs of the first and second seasons of The Big Bang Theory.  The other day, we were discussing which characters we felt resembled us most.  She said she thought she was closest to Sheldon.  I could see some resemblances, mostly in the way she is particular about the way she does things and about her likes and dislikes.

I said I felt I was more like Leonard.  Leonard seems to have a more social awareness than the other characters, and yet he has a shyness preventing him from expressing his feelings in his relationships with women.  I’ve had that problem.


Last night I decided to watch This Is Spinal Tap, one of my favorite comedies since I was in college.  Copyright 1983?  Sheese!  I remember when this movie came out 30 years ago, so now I’m feeling old.  Anyway, I watched the movie, smiling the whole time, then watched over an hour of outtakes, which was great comedic material in itself.  I wish this stuff could have been in the original movie, but I can understand why it hadn’t been — who would sit through a 3+ hour mockumentary?  I would have, but I don’t think many other folks would do the same.  In addition to the outtakes, I also watched the music videos made for the movie — each a perfect example from its supposed time period — and the music was very good, too!  This movie was a classic work of art.

This was the first mockumentary starring Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, if my memory is right. I’ve watched almost all their films since.  Hard to believe these guys are in their 60’s now.  I wish they’d reprise the roles again, playing an aging rock band ala The Rolling Stones and Moody Blues.  Hold that thought — I’ve just looked at the filmographies for these actors and found out they’ve been doing Spinal Tap projects over the years, as recently as 2009!  Now, I’m going to have to start looking for these!

Harry Shearer has been a big part of my adult comedy life, being a star of the Simpsons as well.  That’s why I’ve picked the Simpsons pictures to illustrate this blog entry.  The world will be a much sadder place when the Simpsons finally goes off the air.


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