Fighting and Modesty

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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I am physically fighting with a man and woman who have different beliefs than I do.  Not that I am trying to change their beliefs, but they oppose mine and are trying to prevent me from passing them on to my daughter.  We are wrestling and snapping wet towels.  I am about to rush the woman when her husband steps in between us and rapidly begins pushing me backwards.  But I overcome my surprise and begin pushing back.  Then suddenly, grabbing him by his shirt, I lift him up and flip him over my head.  I focus on the woman for just a moment, before hearing a loud bang behind me, from the man landing next to a coffee table and banging his head on the table.  I turn around quickly and see him struggling to get untangled from the legs of the coffee table.  He had a large bump on his head, and about a two-inch cut running across the bump.  A small amount of blood is trickling from the wound.

Suddenly I’ve forgotten why we’d been fighting and rush over to aid the man.  A different woman appears from nowhere and begins giving the man first aid.  I am suddenly concerned at the man’s well-being, though just a moment earlier we’d been enemies.  He is a human being, after all, and I care about humans in general.  When they’re hurt, I want to help them.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the picture of the cat staring at the stars indicates I’m writing about a dream.  In this dream, I think I tapped into a long-forgotten memory from my early childhood, when my sister and I wrestled over some disagreement we’d had.  I know I used my knowledge of judo at least twice, flipping her behind me and tossing her onto our coffee table.  She went to the emergency room twice for cuts on her head.  I believe the woman appearing from nowhere is a memory of my mother rushing into the living room to take care of my sister after one of these incidents.  I’ve never remembered the details of these times — just remembered being in trouble for having done them.

Here is another dream I had last night (this morning before waking up).  I am sitting outside with a my sweetheart, cuddling and watching a movie.  I don’t think we were in a drive-in because we weren’t in a car.  We pressed our faces together, and a noticed her nose and cheek were cold.  She’s in an amorous mood and wants to make out.  I stall and put her off, because I don’t feel comfortable about that sort of stuff in public places.  She gets a little angry with me, but I am who I am — modest.


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