Posted: May 30, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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I was feeling drowsy while driving, so I pulled my car into a parking lot for a few minutes, until I’d wake up some.  A police car approached and an officer got out.  He began asking me questions, then asked me to step out of my car, to do a drunk-driving test.  I rolled my eyes.  I was a little unsteady, swaying slightly.  Maybe my blood sugar was off, but I hadn’t been drinking.  I walked heel to toe and followed the instructions without a problem.  The officer had me stand against the wall of the building where the lot was located.  I stood against the wall, still a little unsteady.  He said, “That’s unusual….”  Then he told me I could get back into my car.  I rolled my eyes.

  1. and then I woke up….

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