Memorial Day Weekend

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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What are your plans for the weekend?


I have twenty dollars to get me through until next Friday.  Tomorrow, I plan to visit with my friends from college.  Steve bought my ticket for the Royals game, so I plan to pay for parking.  That will leave me with $10, to buy snacks at the game or use next week on a movie matinée and food.  Come payday, on Friday, my road to financial recovery will be starting.  I’ll have a couple of paydays with $100 left after paying bills, then a few with $200, and in August, I’ll be averaging $300 of mad money from then, on.  Not much, really, but compared to the last 6 months, I’ll feel like I have a fortune.





I found out today, my transfer to Field Service and my new job won’t happen until sometime in August.  Three teams in my department are trying to work out an internal swap among themselves, which according to my boss won’t take place until then.  After I transfer, I’ll need to go through some refresher training, do an in-house service rotation, then spend a rotation on the road with a senior technician, to make sure I can still do the job.  Looks like it will be sometime in September or October before I really get to go back out on the road again.  (Patience….)

Once I’m back out in the field, working overtime and having the company pay for most of my expenses, my money problems should finally be over.

Don’t ever get divorced.  I wouldn’t recommend it….


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