Fortress of Solitude

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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In the movies, Superman had his fortress of solitude at the north pole.  My fortress of solitude is my work.  This weekend, I gave my cat back to my ex-wife, in preparation for my return to field service work.  For the amount of time I’ll be away from home, I figured he’d get lonely without company.  Now he’ll have three other cats to spend his time with.  For the last few days, I’ve expected him to be at the door waiting for me, to come brush up against my leg while I’m typing this blog, to run into the kitchen when he’s heard the can opener, and to jump on my bed in the morning to get some petting in.  I’ve realized during the last few days, I’d developed many habits around my pets which can now be unlearned.

I’ve stopped looking for a soulmate.  When I leave this office for the new job, I’ll most likely not keep in touch with women here (my only pool of potential dates), following my long tradition of forgetting coworkers.

So now I have no pets.  I have no girlfriend.  I have no friends with whom I can spend a lot of time.  I’m already leading a solitary life, which will get even more isolated once I’m on the road.  And that’s fine with me.  I’ve always felt I was slightly antisocial and tended toward being a loner.  I think I’m finally reaching my potential.

That being said — from out of the blue, last week my best friend from college asked if I’d like to go to a ball game with he and his wife (also one of my best friends from college).  So, I’m gonna go with them.  It will be nice seeing them, and I still have a few weeks yet before my fortress is completed….


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