Barbecue Judge

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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So, I had the honor of judging the barbecue competition at my company’s annual barbecue party again.  This year, we had three categories — chicken, sausage and ribs.  We had five teams competing.  That meant I got five pieces of chicken, five sausages and five ribs to sample.  I’d learned last year, I would be full after the competition if I ate everything presented to me.  Yes, I made that mistake last year.  And since I’d signed up for the barbecue buffet before finding out I would be a judge, I went through that line and stuffed myself miserable.  That was last year.  This year, I only took a bite or two of each and saved my samples for later.  Then, when I went through the buffet line, I didn’t eat any of the food I took.  Instead, I took my meats home and set them in the fridge for later.  My daughter can help me finish everything off this weekend.  After leaving the food in the fridge, I walked the block back to work and grabbed a cookie and a Diet Coke.

This year’s teams’ offerings were consistently good.  There were no real dogs, and a few excellent items.  As usual, chicken was my least favorite, followed by ribs, then sausage.  Last year, most of the sausage entries were store-bought slathered in sauce.  This year, all but one sausage entry were home-made.  And the store-bought entry had really good sauce.  I did eat an entire sausage instead of taking only a bite from it, not because it was the best, but because it was the least tasty and wanted to save the best for later.  My daughter doesn’t like sausage, so I’ll get all the leftovers for that.  I’ll probably let her have the ribs (her favorite) and we’ll split the chicken.  We’ll also split the buffet meats, which were chicken, brisket, pulled pork and sausage (whoops — guess I’ll get that last one too).

Oh, I hope my new field service schedule will allow me to judge next year’s competition — I might be scheduled to work that Friday — well, what the heck, if I were to be picked to judge again, I’d take time off from work to do that.  Some of the contestants have to do that when their hours conflict with their barbecuing.

This whole thing is put together as a charity drive.  The proceeds are donated to four nonprofits picked by the company’s employees.  A raffle is held as well.  This year, I stayed out of the raffle, instead pinning my hopes on tomorrow night’s Powerball jackpot.  When I win that, then I’ll donate gobs of dough to the charities I like, not just a couple of dollars.

Toward the end of the workday, there was a “Happy Hour” celebration during which the barbecue competition and raffle winners were announced.  I’d heard there would be beer, so I attended.  I wanted to have a beer and see who the big winners were.  I had a Red Stripe Light (yum).  The big barbecue winners were the guys from Customer Service, again, for the third year in a row.


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