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Posted: May 10, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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Well, since I’m going to be gone for 9 days at a time when I start my field service job, I decided my kitty Neo might be better off going back to my ex-wife’s house and living full-time with my daughter.  My ex-wife was willing to have him back, so instead of spending so much time alone, Neo will have three other cats to keep him company.  I won’t mention the dog.  Neo might not like hearing that….

To lower the shock for Neo of transplanting him into a house full of cats he hasn’t seen for some time, I’ve brought one of the cats to my place, Scotty.  Some of you reading my blog may remember I took care of Scotty for a few weeks last summer when he was a little kitten.

Scotty Then

This was Scotty back then.  Now he’s twice as big as Neo, I swear.  When we first brought Scotty in today, he surprised me by being the hissy cat.  that’s normally Neo’s role to play.  Neo just followed Scotty around while Scotty explored.  Now that Scotty is familiar with the apartment, he’s begun to settle in and try to win over Neo.  He’s even striking the same pose above near Neo and giving his unthreatening squeaky meow.  But now, Neo’s become the hissy kitty.  If history is any indication, Neo will be hissy until tomorrow and then he and Scotty will once again be buddies like they were before.

scotty now

I’m planning to keep Scotty here for the next week so he and Neo will form a bond.  Then when both of them go to the house next weekend, Neo will have a friend in his new, strange environment.  One other cat in the house should be familiar with Neo — Leeloo, once the hissiness is over.  I’m hoping Neo’s move will be an uneventful one.  I’ll miss having him around, but I think he’ll be better off with company.  He really is a sociable cat.

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