Done Mulling

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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kid at work

The day before yesterday, I found out I’d won the field service job at my current company.  I’ve decided to take it.  What about the other job that pays more?  I let them know I couldn’t take the job.  Why did I choose to stay with my current company, even though I’ll be making less money?  I’d get to see more of the country, the whole country, instead of just the area around Kansas.  I picked my apartment to be close to work and in particular, the fitness center there, so I’d have free and easy access to a place only a block away.  Third, I have six years’ service with ScriptPro.  By staying here, this will be the longest time with a company since leaving the Navy.  I’m now 100% vested in my 401K and have the most vacation time available since working for Sprint. six years ago.  I didn’t want to lose that by jumping ship.  And financially,  staying with ScriptPro was actually the better choice right now (believe it or not).  The other job would have been good, and I probably would have pursued it six months ago, but the time just wasn’t right, this time.

I guess staying put was picking the buffet line with the bacon….


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