A Dream about Work, I Think….

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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So, I’m in a large dining hall, holding a tray and looking at a couple of buffet lines.  One holds your usual lunch and dinner items and the other holds breakfast!  Over-easy eggs, pancakes, bacon….  I walk over to the breakfast buffet and start loading my plate.  And then I wake up.

Before that, I’m trying to get into the dining hall, but the main entrance is closed, so I walk over to a side entrance and pick up a tray.

Before that, I’m sitting in the lobby of a small airport, watching a baggage handler move luggage.  A door like that on a luggage carousel opens up next to me, and I feel a gust of wind blow by me.  The airport begins to pitch and yaw, like a ship at sea.  I don’t remember what came before that….

So, why have I titled this blog entry “A Dream about Work”?  On the surface, I think the airport scene had to do with traveling for work.  Pretty simple.

The second scene had to do with my career path happiness — One door closes, take another route to get there.  When I accepted my current job, my career happiness was shut down (little money and no travel).  The door shut hard.  Then here I am now, single and able to travel again.  The second door has opened and the big dining hall of happiness has been reopened to me.

Besides referring to eating in restaurants on the road, the buffet lines represent the two new field service choices I have before me.  One for ScriptPro and one for RFT.  According to the dream, I’ve decided which job I’m going to take — the one with bacon.


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