Posted: May 5, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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I’ve been mulling things over, about this job situation in which I find myself….

kid at work

Today, I realized that all things considered, I would choose returning to RF Technologies rather than stay at ScriptPro.  ScriptPro is a good place to work, but RFT has slightly better benefits and if they offer me what I was earning four years ago, I’ll be making more money than I would by staying at ScriptPro.  So, why have I been waffling back and forth between the two?  My feelings and hopes about being friends with my favorite coworker, someday.  While sitting in church this morning, I realized it probably ain’t gonna happen, so I should take that completely out of my decision-making process.  Also, I’ve spent most of my adult life making career decisions based on relationships and not cold, hard numbers.  I shouldn’t be moving backwards in huge amounts of dollars like I have been.  Returning to RFT would be an opportunity to get back to where I was, at least, four years ago.  So if offered the field service job at ScriptPro, I think I’ll pass on that and whole-heartedly pursue the RFT field service position.

If my favorite coworker decides to keep in touch after I leave ScriptPro, maybe we could become friends, but I’m not counting on it anymore….


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