Another Three-Parter

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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1 — So, I’m with a friend, walking into a building at Iowa State University.  We’re going to a lecture hall, where my friend’s dad is speaking.  He’s a professor.  When we arrive, students begin coming through the doors.  The lecture has ended.  My friend is watching for his dad, but I notice his dad has come out a different door down the hall and is trying to blend in with the students.  He has seen my friend and is trying to avoid talking with him.  I nudge my friend and nod toward his dad.  He walks toward his dad.  I decide it isn’t my place to listen to their conversation, so I meander a little way down the hall until I see an exit door leading outside.  But when I open the door, I find it isn’t an exit, but a door to a small balcony like you would find above the front porch at an old mansion.  I step outside and look up in the sky at the moon, which is trying to hide behind some thin clouds.  Instead of hiding in darkness, the moon causes the clouds to glow brightly, and I notice my shadow on the balcony.  I decide it’s a perfect night for a walk, and go back inside.  I find another door a short distance away, which is an exit door.

2 — When I’m outside, I’m in a courtyard.  Cement paths meander among trees.  Some lead back to other entrances in the building, but one leading west curves to the south, around the end of one of the building’s wings.  I decide to take that path, to walk back to where my friend and I had parked our car.  More of the campus becomes visible as I walk up this path, which is leading up a slope to a large plaza.  Once on the plaza, walking south, I look to the right and notice the frame of a cathedral under construction.  I find it appealing.  The shape reminds me of a cross between those geodesic dome buildings and that cathedral in Spain designed by Gaudi.  Just to the south of that, I see a pair of construction cranes another unfinished hall (school building).  It is also very modern architecture, not at all like the building I’d just come from, which resembled the Iowa State Capitol.  Just beyond the new building sat a large, artfully-designed sports stadium reminding me of the Sprint Center in Kansas City, but with a wavy roof resembling the ocean rather than being flat.  I look left, toward the east, and see a large city, not at all like the Ames, Iowa I’m familiar with.  This city reminds me of London, England.  I’ve reached the far side of the plaza, which is on the top floor of a dormitory building.

3 — I walk into the entrance to the building and see a room with the door slightly ajar.  There’s someone hanging out, inside.  That’s not my interest.  There are some stairs to the left of the room, and I begin to descend them.  I walk down to the next floor.  Here, the space resembles a food court at a mall, but has a slight difference.  Like the mall, several restaurants ring a central dining area.  Yet these aren’t food counters.  These restaurants have their own dining rooms inside.  This central dining area is itself part of a large Mexican restaurant with a bar and several televisions scattered around.  The crowd inside is celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  I pull up a bar stool at a tall table and begin to look at the drink menu.  What’s a good beer, I wonder?

And then I wake up.


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