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I am physically fighting with a man and woman who have different beliefs than I do.  Not that I am trying to change their beliefs, but they oppose mine and are trying to prevent me from passing them on to my daughter.  We are wrestling and snapping wet towels.  I am about to rush the woman when her husband steps in between us and rapidly begins pushing me backwards.  But I overcome my surprise and begin pushing back.  Then suddenly, grabbing him by his shirt, I lift him up and flip him over my head.  I focus on the woman for just a moment, before hearing a loud bang behind me, from the man landing next to a coffee table and banging his head on the table.  I turn around quickly and see him struggling to get untangled from the legs of the coffee table.  He had a large bump on his head, and about a two-inch cut running across the bump.  A small amount of blood is trickling from the wound.

Suddenly I’ve forgotten why we’d been fighting and rush over to aid the man.  A different woman appears from nowhere and begins giving the man first aid.  I am suddenly concerned at the man’s well-being, though just a moment earlier we’d been enemies.  He is a human being, after all, and I care about humans in general.  When they’re hurt, I want to help them.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the picture of the cat staring at the stars indicates I’m writing about a dream.  In this dream, I think I tapped into a long-forgotten memory from my early childhood, when my sister and I wrestled over some disagreement we’d had.  I know I used my knowledge of judo at least twice, flipping her behind me and tossing her onto our coffee table.  She went to the emergency room twice for cuts on her head.  I believe the woman appearing from nowhere is a memory of my mother rushing into the living room to take care of my sister after one of these incidents.  I’ve never remembered the details of these times — just remembered being in trouble for having done them.

Here is another dream I had last night (this morning before waking up).  I am sitting outside with a my sweetheart, cuddling and watching a movie.  I don’t think we were in a drive-in because we weren’t in a car.  We pressed our faces together, and a noticed her nose and cheek were cold.  She’s in an amorous mood and wants to make out.  I stall and put her off, because I don’t feel comfortable about that sort of stuff in public places.  She gets a little angry with me, but I am who I am — modest.



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I was feeling drowsy while driving, so I pulled my car into a parking lot for a few minutes, until I’d wake up some.  A police car approached and an officer got out.  He began asking me questions, then asked me to step out of my car, to do a drunk-driving test.  I rolled my eyes.  I was a little unsteady, swaying slightly.  Maybe my blood sugar was off, but I hadn’t been drinking.  I walked heel to toe and followed the instructions without a problem.  The officer had me stand against the wall of the building where the lot was located.  I stood against the wall, still a little unsteady.  He said, “That’s unusual….”  Then he told me I could get back into my car.  I rolled my eyes.

River’s Up

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So I’d fallen asleep sitting at a table  while using my laptop.  When I woke up, my face was on the keyboard, and I was sitting in water up to my knees.  “I know the river is up,” I asked the owner of the hotel in whose dining room I was sitting, “but is it flooding?”  I stood up and took my laptop to an elevated area, in the hotel lobby.


A good weekend, if I may say so.

My challenge for the weekend was trying to get MediaShout working on a loaner laptop.  Someone broke into our church’s office and stole the laptop we’d been using.  Our loaner laptop was donated by someone in the congregation.  Better than nothing, but I soon found out it had limitations.  First, the laptop didn’t have Microsoft Office installed, so I was unable to load PowerPoint slide shows into the MediaShout program (it uses PowerPoint to open the slide shows).  The laptop had Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, and MediaShout had the ability to show .pdf files, so I converted all my slide shows to .pdf and put them into MediaShout.  However, the processor speed and memory in the laptop kept MediaShout from processing and displaying the slides in a timely manner.  So, I downloaded OpenOffice, which is supposed to be able to process PowerPoint presentations, but when I opened up the slide shows I’d created, hoping to make .jpeg images, OpenOffice didn’t correctly convert the slides and they didn’t look right.  So, I was left with no choice but to convert all the slide shows on my personal computer and load everything onto the loaner by flash drive.  I received some more files on Saturday night to add to the show.  One was a video file.  It seemed to work out fine, at home, but on Sunday morning when we were using two screens at the church, we found the video took forever to load and looked like it’d been made on a cell phone (jerky).  The audio was fine though, so after we got used to the jerkiness, that was OK.  oh yeah, I also found the loaner crashed every time I started it up from a powered-off state.  On the second start-up though, it would work fine.  The loaner and software were so buggy, I could tell it made the person doing MediaShout next week nervous, so I volunteered to do it again  There are a few more things I need to test out, to get a real idea of how things will work in all the situations we need MediaShout.  I don’t get frustrated by the problems we’ve had — I look at them as opportunities to troubleshoot and learn!

On Saturday, I went to the Royals home game against the Angels with my friends Steve and Cindy.  My coworker Diana let me park my car in front of her house, so we only had to pay to park Steve’s car at the stadium.  (Thanks, Diana.)  It was great talking with Steve and Cindy again.  I had a great time at the game.  Our seats were in the sun for most of the game, so Steve and I were both pretty pink on our way back to the lot afterwards.  We decided to have some barbecue for dinner.  Picked up my car and drove to Big T’s BBQ, where we each had a sandwich and fries.  I had the sausage, which was spicy like I like it.  Steve had a two-meat sandwich.  Cindy had a kiddie meal.  We all liked the food.  However, the air conditioning must have been broken, because the restaurant felt like a sweat box.  Steve had bought my ticket to the game and then bought my dinner.  Thanks Steve!  Next time we do something here, it’ll be my treat.

On Sunday, I went to church and ran the MediaShout presentation (as discussed earlier).  While there, I was reminded I’d volunteered to help serve dinner to the homeless on Tuesday night at Neighbor2Neighbor.  I needed to buy some food for that, so I stopped at Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee on the way home.  Then, I spent the rest of the day watching the Futurama marathon on Comedy Central.  And taking a nap before dinner….  In the evening, I walked over to the fitness center at work and exercised for a while.

Yesterday I slept in, watched war movies all day long and Frasier all evening long.  And ate….  I gained four pounds in one day.

Today, I’m back at work, but tonight I’ll be at Neighbor2Neighbor, shopping again for enough food to last me until Friday (payday).  And most likely, I’ll work out again.

What are your plans for the weekend?


I have twenty dollars to get me through until next Friday.  Tomorrow, I plan to visit with my friends from college.  Steve bought my ticket for the Royals game, so I plan to pay for parking.  That will leave me with $10, to buy snacks at the game or use next week on a movie matinée and food.  Come payday, on Friday, my road to financial recovery will be starting.  I’ll have a couple of paydays with $100 left after paying bills, then a few with $200, and in August, I’ll be averaging $300 of mad money from then, on.  Not much, really, but compared to the last 6 months, I’ll feel like I have a fortune.





I found out today, my transfer to Field Service and my new job won’t happen until sometime in August.  Three teams in my department are trying to work out an internal swap among themselves, which according to my boss won’t take place until then.  After I transfer, I’ll need to go through some refresher training, do an in-house service rotation, then spend a rotation on the road with a senior technician, to make sure I can still do the job.  Looks like it will be sometime in September or October before I really get to go back out on the road again.  (Patience….)

Once I’m back out in the field, working overtime and having the company pay for most of my expenses, my money problems should finally be over.

Don’t ever get divorced.  I wouldn’t recommend it….