Take Your Child to Work Day — Revisited

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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I had fun, having my daughter at work last Thursday.  When we were at my desk, she did homework — but she wasn’t at my desk most of the day.  We arrived at work around 7:45am.

Around 8:15, we went upstairs with my coworker Diana and her son, to get some donuts.  While we were climbing the stairs, I could swear I heard her son say he was getting beat going up the stairs by an old man.  I’ll have to say, he says it the way he sees it, but I found the comment a funny one, because compared to 8 years old, I was an old man, and I WAS beating him going up the stairs.  Kayla and I waited for him and Diana when we got to the top.

About a half-hour later, Diana and I took our kids to the admin building, to check them in for a campus tour.  While daughter took the tour, I worked on a training video.  When she’d finished the tour, she had a couple goodies handed out along the way.  Her favorite goody was a rubber ball that lit up when it bounced.  She’d clipped an ID card lanyard to it, and kicked at it as we walked back to my desk.

Around 11, Diana came back to her desk with her son.  He’d grown bored with the tour, so she’d decided she’d take him back to school for the rest of the day.  They’d been planning to go to lunch with us, but daughter and I ended up going by ourselves, and I picked something up for Diana.

After lunch, cookies were served in our break room, so we had some….

At 2pm, Diana and my manager gave a presentation on how we make training videos.  I took daughter and hung around for that.  The kids seemed to have a great time!  And they got candy — chocolate candy.  Which means, I got candy.  Yippee!  Thanks, Diana!

After the presentation, daughter actually ended up spending more time with Diana than with me.  I think she liked having an adult woman other than mom to hang out with for a while.  I’m sure she likes Diana, as do I.

Daughter drew pictures on both of our white boards.

Almost at the end of the day, Diana went to the fitness center for a quick workout, so we said so long, and I took daughter home.  We’d had a fun day.  If I’m in town next year for Take Your Child to Work Day, I’ll officially be on a day off, but I’ll sign daughter up again, for sure.


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