Take Your Child to Work Day

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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Tomorrow is Take Your Child to Work Day at my company.  I wonder if it’s the same day everywhere, or just when a company decides to have one?

Anyway, for the first time, I will be taking my daughter.

It will mean a bit of an adjustment to our morning routines, since this will be the first time we’ve ever had to use the same bathroom early in the morning.  In the past, we had separate bathrooms.  Tomorrow, I’ll have to get up an hour earlier than usual, so she can have enough time for getting ready.

We’ll walk the whole block between my apartment building and my office (whew — I’m pooped just thinking about that arduous journey).

Our day at work will begin with donuts and juice (coffee for me) at 8am, in one of the conference rooms on the third floor of my building.

Then at 8:30am, I’ll be taking her over to our administration building, to officially check in.  I think she’ll receive a goody bag filled with souvenirs.

Then it will be back to my building until 9:30am, when she’ll get to take a two-hour tour of our campus.  While she’s doing this, I’ll be editing on a training video (I still have to work).

At 11;30am, we’ll be going to lunch with my favorite coworker and her son, and maybe our manager and his son will come too.

After lunch, she’ll get to hang out at my desk until 1pm, then it’s back to the third floor conference room at 1pm for some cookies.

At 2:30pm (I’m a little fuzzy about the time), my favorite coworker and manager will be giving a presentation in our video production room for the kids.  The kids will get to star in their own training video skit, recorded in front of our green screen (I’ll be writing a procedure).

After the presentation, my daughter will pay me another visit at my desk, and we’ll hang out until quitting time.

Then we’ll walk back home, have dinner, and I’ll drive her back to her mom’s so she can go to school on Friday (I think these things should be done on Friday so divorced daddies like me don’t have to go back to the house after school on Friday to get her for the weekend).

I think we’ll have a lot of fun!



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