So, What’s It Worth? — Revisited

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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Yesterday I blogged about the price I was able to fetch at the local pawn shop for my Wal-Mart wedding ring — $27.  I have 27 reasons to be thankful.  What did that $27 allow me to do?

  • Bought gas for the car, which allowed me to drive to tonight’s advance screening of Oblivion (a very good movie) and will allow me to drive to church on Thursday evening, to help serve a meal to homeless folks.
  • Allowed me to go to lunch with my coworkers and a visiting former coworker and her baby today.
  • Allowed me to buy dinner for myself at McDonald’s before the movie, where I ran into a former pastor of my former church.
  • Allowed me to buy cheese for the hamburgers we’ll be serving on Thursday night.
  • And, gave me enough quarters for two loads of laundry tomorrow night.

That’s a lot of bang for my bucks!  Now I don’t feel so bad about selling the ring….


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