With Purpose, Or Not

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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Lately I’ve cursed myself for having very vivid dreams, then not writing them down when I wake up.  For the last few days, I haven’t been able to remember them when I’ve wanted to blog about them.  It’s a little earlier than usual, being Sunday, so miraculously, I can remember my  last dream.

One of my recurring dreams takes place in a house based on the house my parents owned in Colorado when I was about 8 years old.  Last night’s dream took place in this house, although in this dream I was grown-up.  I was in the bedroom that was my parents’ in real life, though it was much brighter in the room last night that it had been when I was a kid (they’d had heavy drapes over the windows then, because my dad worked shift work).  So in this dream, the room was brightly lit and it was morning, time for me to get ready for work.  There was something unusual about the bedroom, though — there was no bed, and except for the bed, was arranged like my current bedroom.  I began looking for my clothes and realized I didn’t have any with me.  “Well, I’ll just re-wear what I have on,” I thought, “but I guess I’d better shave and take a shower.”

In my parent’s house, we had one bathroom in the hall leading from the living room to the bedrooms.  In this dream, there were two bathrooms.  The left had a sign on the door saying “For Use with Purpose”.  The door on the bathroom on the right was labeled “For Use without Purpose”.  I had a reason to be using the bathroom (getting ready for work), so I naturally tried using the left-hand bathroom, but someone was already there.  So, I walked into the right-hand bathroom, and realized I was also without my toiletries, unable to shave or brush my teeth.  I figured I probably had my shaving kit stashed in the cabinet under the sink (as I do in my current apartment), so I started looking for it….

And then I woke up.  Obviously, it was a dream without purpose, kind of like the dreams of being at school and realizing I don’t know where the classroom is, or being on the sub and forgetting how to do my job.  A mild stress dream of some sort — now, just to find out what seems to be stressing me.


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