Should I Cut My Hair?

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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back in black

Just changed my profile picture on Facebook to a photo of me that’s about five years old.  In the picture, I had much shorter hair than I’m wearing at the moment.  Have to admit, I look OK.  Someone who knew me in the Navy commented I look young in the picture.  Have to admit, I don’t really look that young anymore. I have a slight greyish tint to my hair, in the picture, which means it was taken before I started coloring my hair back to its former glory.  I haven’t dyed my hair in months, so the grey is coming back in.  I know for a fact if I cut my hair short again, the blond will be gone, and what remains would be silver.  Do I embrace my age?  Or do I keep trying to hold onto my youth?  I’m thinking it’s about time I become the distinguished gentleman I am.  😉  more like old fart….


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