Three Scenes from a Dream

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Random Thoughts
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The dream starts in the lobby of a country club clubhouse.  To the left is an activity room.  To the right, a hallway.  I see a friend from my Navy days sitting at a table by himself.  I walk into the room and ask him how he’s been.  I notice he is playing with a dice game similar to acey-deucey or backgammon.  he is moving a magnet underneath the board and the dice, sitting on the board, begin to flip over.  “Loaded dice,” I think.  I sit down to talk with him, and other people begin to gather around, to play his game.  They are joking around.  Someone is searching for the right word, trying to finish his sentence.  Some wise guy says, “Ask Wayne what the word is.”  Everyone looks at me with anticipation.  I know the word, but suspect I will be the butt of a joke if I speak up.  I sit still for a few seconds, then decide it’s time to go.  I can sense the group’s disappointment about my silence.  I tell my friend so long, and walk back out into the lobby.

But the lobby has become the living room in a house.  I sit on the floor in front of a television, next to my ex-wife’s niece, who is sitting next to my ex-wife.  They are having a conversation.  My daughter is in the living room with us, on the couch behind me.  I pick up a remote control and change the channel three times.  After the third time I say, “Let’s watch a movie instead.”  My daughter gets up from the couch and begins playing on the floor behind the couch, I get up from the floor to sit on the couch, and notice my sister scrap-booking at the island between the living room and kitchen.  A coworker of mine walks around the couch sits beside me to watch the movie.  We talk for a while with the movie playing, but I don’t remember any details about the movie or the conversation.  I begin to sense it’s getting late and decide it’s time to go home — this living room is in my coworker’s house, not mine.  I tell my daughter and sister we need to go, and say good-night to my friend.

When we walk outside, my daughter runs across the street and turns on a garden hose belonging to an apartment building.  My sister and I have bikes.  She walks over to the faucet and turns off the water while I hold her bike.  We walk along the sidewalk, pushing the bikes instead of riding them.  The sidewalk passes several apartment buildings and then leads into the entrance of a small Navy Exchange store packed with shoppers.  We push our bikes through the people and around merchandise stacked on the floor while we move around the outside edge of the store, trying to get to an exit.  I remember lifting my bike over a footstool and then down a crowded hallway.  We finally reach a door and push our bikes out ahead of us.  My daughter is already outside.  I see my car in the store’s parking lot.  We begin pushing our bikes toward it.

And the dream ends….

Again, the number three seems to play a prominent role in this dream — three scenes, three women with me in the living room (twice), changing TV channels three times — I can see some meaning in the living room scene.  My ex-wife, her niece and my daughter were part of my old life.  I changed channels twice, which may represent two periods of time, and on the third channel change, I am with my sister and my daughter (now the two significant women in my life though my sister probably isn’t aware of that) and my coworker, the one who doesn’t want to be friends.  Whether she wants it or not, I spend more time talking with her than any other woman, so she’s become one of the three most significant women in my current life.  I believe this could be a possible meaning for the second scene.

I believe the first scene deals with having intelligence, but not wanting to bring attention to myself because of it.

And the third scene?  Who knows why my sister and I would be pushing bikes?  I guess one could say that scene actually had three sub-scenes.  Pushing bikes on the sidewalk, through the store, then to the parking lot.

And the blog entry about the dream  ends….


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