What are these organized protests called?  March for Our Lives?  For years the left has been preying on people’s fears and cultivating a mindset that everyone’s a victim of something.  So now the teenagers (and others) are taking to the streets to show us all how tired they are of being victims.  The kids at these “protests” have such a narrow view of the world, they are playing right into the hands of would-be oppressors.  They actually believe that taking away the American right to own weapons will magically make the world a better place.  What it does is maybe reduce the chances of a nut case or disgruntled homo sapien from acting out its anger.  What it will result in is a world where this is more likely to become the norm.

2nd Ammendment Rights

One of these days, if these “teenagers” get their way, they won’t even be able to protest — then what will they do?


Family Picture

I have a step-sister I haven’t heard from since 1999.  She kind of disappeared after my step-mom died, and though I check for her on the web once in a while, I haven’t been very successful in finding her.  So wherever she is, happy birthday Monica.  Monica’s the little girl in front, in the above picture from 1973 (45 years ago?).

I had dinner with a friend this evening, and we were talking about writing journals and blogs.  Was just not long ago, I blogged everyday.  Tonight I noticed I haven’t written anything since November.  What’s the reason?  Since moving to Arizona, I’ve been pretty busy, but that’s not the reason.  It seems I’ve been sharing most of my life through Facebook instead.  I’m not much on duplication of effort.  Maybe I’ll start writing more here, again.  We’ll see.

Early Navy Photo

An Early Photo, when I Was 18.

So, I served in the Navy — It’s something I did.  I didn’t do it to receive thanks from everyone who finds out.  Today “Thank you for your service” has apparently become the expected response from folks when they find out you were in the military.  Curb Your Enthusiasm did a hilarious episode about it this season.  I would rather have someone ask me how I am than recite the canned “Thank you for your service” people have become used to saying when they meet a veteran.  Sure I served, but I got a college education and job skills by serving.  I lived pretty good off the taxpayer while I was on submarines and shore duty.  I’ve made a good living since getting out as a result of my military time.  I feel awkward when taxpayers thank me, when I should be thanking them.  So please don’t thank me for my service.  Thank YOU for giving me the chance for a better life.




Just some of the places I’ve seen since my last post.  Been spending most of my time in New Mexico and Arizona for work.  Did go back to Kansas during the solar eclipse, to get my stuff out of storage and bring it to the new house.  Been busy — earlier this month I had 47 hours of overtime during a two-week period.  Is it any wonder I haven’t posted anything lately?


Some of the places I’ve seen during the last three weeks:  (left to right, top to bottom)

San Diego, El Malpais National Monument, The Kirk Douglas Room at El Rancho Motel in Gallup, old Buckhorn Baths Motel near home, Yuma Territorial Prison, San Xavier Mission,  and Bonneville Salt Flats.

I’ve been to other places too, but didn’t really have opportunities to take pictures.  If I hadn’t taken this job, I’d be missing out on a lot of new sights.

I love my job.